Do you have luggage solutions to the Kawasaki z800?

Interested in 46 litters.



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9:14 PM (20 hours ago)

Alex Quinn <alexq@revzilla.com

Hi Yair,

I am sorry to say we do not currently offer any luggage that is specific to the Kawasaki z800. Givi does make a rack and base plate for their Monokey side and topcases, but the parts needed for your Z800 are not available here in the US. We do, however, have a couple of universal options like the Giant Loop Siskiyou PanniersCortech Super 2.0 SaddlebagsTourmaster Select Saddle Bags,  and the Nelson Rigg Touring 50CL-905 and CL-950Saddlebags. All of these universal options have adjustments that will allow the bags to fit most bikes.

Another option would be a tailbag like the Kriega UScombo 40 or UScombo 30 Drypac systems. These bags are great because they are very versatile, waterproof and strap right to your tail. You can also strap other Kriega bags to them to expand your carrying capacity.

I hope this points you in the right direction. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Ride safe,


Alex Quinn
RevZilla Motorsports, LLC


Dear Alex,

I lived in the US for 10 wonderful years, 1984-94.
I do admire the US for many reasons,
among them, and I am damn serious, for an answer like yours.
I will look into it and make up my mind, but I AM REALLY THANKFUL for such a thoughtful answer, I would not take it for granted.
Thanks a lot,

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