Curriculum Vitae

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To utilize my managerial and personal skills, experience, enthusiasm and energy in foreign markets, to produce significant progress and profits to whom I work for, as well as significant experience for myself.


Extensive management experience in financial and communication industries: COO of Malawi National Lottery, CEO of GIP in Moscow, directed sales and distribution credit cards in ICC in Israel, utilizing intensive activities in banks, consumer clubs, direct sales and telemarketing, Established Partner Communication’s, orange® service, 24/7 call centers.


2011-12, MALAWI NATIONAL LOTTERY, COO Blantyre, Malawi

Chief of Operation, acting as CEO, reporting to board of directors, 1,100 employees. Running the company in a complicated hostile environment, extensive connections with the government regulators.


General Manager, Financial Derivatives company, 70 employees, Business introducer of

2006-09, ICC- Israel Credit Cards, Sales Director Giva’atayim, IL

Responsible for sales of hundreds of thousands of Master Card per year, 50% of all visa card sales and 100% of Diners card sales in Israel.

1998–06, PARTNER COMMUNICATION, Service Director Tel Aviv, IL

Reported to the deputy CEO. Strategic and operational involvement in design, planning and implementation of the company’s customer service operations. Established and managed all aspects of supporting advanced cellular products, terminals, value added services and data, through three 24/7 call centers, employing 600 service personnel, handling over 15,000 contacts/day. Intensive interaction with companies’ lateral sections as well as vendors and customers, directing colleagues, designing and implementing procedures, setting goals, targets and working plans, motivating and generating organization culture.

1994–98, TRENDLINE, Service Manager Tel Aviv, IL

Reported to the CEO. Manager of call center and help desk specialized in business financial information and internet, CompuServe and Dow Jones support. Management of the call center, customer base, employment and training activities. Previously, responsible for whole media, seminars, web and print activities, creating operating manuals, printing monthly magazine, customer instruction courses and internet sites.


Producing and delivering presentations and training workshops to managers and graphic artists, instructing academic courses, establishing graphic departments in organizations including, Tel Aviv University, 1St Boston, Chase Manhattan, McCann-Erickson, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse, Young & Rubicam.


2011–12, John Bryce, Web Master, Tel Aviv

2005–06, eMOTION, Business Coaching, Tel Aviv

2003–04, GEVIM, Certified Business Mediator, Tel Aviv

1992, New York Institute Of Technology, New York

• M.A. Communication Arts 4.0, B.A.
• Communication Arts, 3.4.

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