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Think you’ve got what it takes? Send your application to discovermore@harley-davidson.com and tell us:

Hey Guys,

you found the man for the mission  🙄
I do think I have what it takes.

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Why I am NOT the perfect man to fill the job

  • Unfortunately, I am not a female – a feminine candidate, I admit, would get a better effect rather than old fart like myself.
  • Not only English is not my mother’s tongue language, it’s not perfect, it’s ‘rough’, wait till you’ll hear my accent.
    Sounds like Harley?
    • My experience riding Harley motorcycles is limited. That’s the truth.
      I have not owned a Harley, nor a Harley or v-tween Evolution tattoos,
      well, not tattoos at all, nor horse tail haircut – actually, I am bold as an egg, and all my teeth are in their original place.

A bit about myself and why I do want the job

Piedras Negras, Angola

I am (almost) 55 years old,
Look like 65, feel as 75,
In the sense that I realize I will not be a black NBA player, will not electrify Anfield, and more important- I realize that we (at least me) are what we are, for the good and the bad, it will not be changed, and am mostly happy. Therefore, let’s squeeze what I can. NOW! The ring bell game over is almost there.

I live with Iris since 1981, officially in Tel Aviv, Israel.
We are parents to Gil, 23- student, Shay- 20 officer at the IDF, and Stella 11, our crossbreed dog.

I do consider myself as a content and fun person, searching for new experiences constantly, in various fields from history, to graphic design, through computers, writing, stills photography, developing-world backpacking traveling, flight instructing, and motorcycles. Always on two wheels.

Those interests laid on hyperactive communicative (- you should hear my less-than- dozen-words Portuguese and the miracles I perform with it) platform, e.g., personality.

Since my early twenties, my diverse career has characterized with a noticeable theme- managing work force crews of people, in their mid- twenties.
Currently, I am in Luanda Angola, establishing Social Media research institute.
Previously I worked in Moscow, Panama, Philippines and the US.

I have Masters of Arts in Communication from New York Institute of Technology, was about to start my PHD dissertation in Tel Aviv University on the conservative – liberal characteristic methods of thinking, but went to Angola, [chewing shit-] for the exotic experience.

As someone who has opinion and insights about (almost) everything, I am running a blog which stores my associations, remarks, concepts of whatever catches my attention, and I find it worth to write on.

  • The bad news–
    the blog is in Hebrew.
  • The good-
    • It has pictures
    • ALL you see there- content, text, graphics, designing, HTML, programming- is mine.

The dream ride I’d like to do in Europe

Deep in my virtual drawer, I store courses drown, like – getting a bike in San Diego, dropping it in Buenos Aires, South Africa to Morocco, and most interesting to our case – planned a Grand Europe Bike Tour made recently.

Generally speaking, it’s a circular polygon course which can be started anywhere, has to connect the points in

  • Portugal,יאיר דיקמן הארלי אירופה
  • Switzerland,
  • Albania,
  • Estonia,
  • Finland,
  • Norway
    • [down back to starting point (Portugal)]

About 13,000 km, course, planned for 60 days.

Based on my previous experience, one kilometer drown on map, calculated as about 1.5 Kilometer realistically on roads, since there is wondering around, hotels are not on main roads, local attractions, and ‘on site surprises’.

Roughly, 20,000 Kilometers, average 300 kilometers a day ∞ about 2 months. Easy.

If you’ll accept me to the job, if I’ll have 6 months, I’ll ride this trip in extremely rural, site seeing views, will get as northern as I can I rode in the Arctic Circle, Prudhoe Bay, Deadhorse, Alaska in Aug 1988 stay longer in major cities, while on traveling day I will still maintain the pace of about 300 km/day.

Generally, I do prefer a motorcycle configured as street naked, more to the neutral position, like the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750, with a descent fuel tank.

THOUGH, I am open, curious, to taste other models that can feel comfortable cruising at 140 km/h and lean in curves when needed in rural roads, and can carry my moderate luggage.

My passion for motorcycle riding

For me, motorcycling corresponds with human deeper, more essential stage than passion.

For me it is part of essential basic life. After legs and shoes, the meaning of being mobile, dynamic functioning is riding motorcycles.

Just after having a smartphone, motorcycle is the mean of being relevant, up and running, accessible; practically (just after surviving) alive and functioning.

The roar of on open exhaust of some motorcycle is the best music to my ears.

During riding, the monotone noise a good motorcycle produces, inspires me to the most and best ideas and phrases I have ever created.

Beyond the most efficient practical transportation,
Riding, understanding traffic, for me, is mental joy,
Mastering the machine in finesse and humor is an art,
Leaning in curves is a physical to joy.

You e.g., me, have there, in riding motorcycles all.

יאיר דיקמן אופנוע ראשוןI am riding motorcycles since 1978, with my BSA 350 Overhead I knew when it is going to be raining; the motorcycle would refuse to ignite two hours earlier. I ran alongside it, more than riding it and ever since continuously.

My first significant journey was In 1986, Austin, Texas-NYC. Iris and I sold ice cream on 2 trucks. In her territory was http://budsmc.blogspot.com/, the local Harley Davidson shop. Bud used to cross the border and get old machines from Mexican police stations’ backyards. I thought it might would be great to get one from him and ride it back to NYC.

Well, to make a long story short, Dr. (Bud) Jekyll told me something like ‘Harley is a culture, it is not for riding to New York’ and Mr. (Bud) Hyde suggested that I will get his own BMW R90S, 1976 Daytona Orange. After riding around the block and kicking the tires as a checkup, I owned the classic piece of crap for $2,500.

Iris and I packed all our luggage into the attached two suitcases, to discover that the classic mechanical jewel shakes like Muhammad Ali at his worst, between 45 and 70 miles per hour. Can you imagine- in critical situations on interstates major highways the broken chassis – the only part of the motorcycle that cannot be replaced – threatens, aims, to throw the rider like in a mechanical rodeo.

In 1988 I rode NYC-Alaska-Tijuana-NYC, camped most of the way. The tour was 90 days, more than half we stayed in San Francisco, there Iris flew back to NYC, while I rode the rest alone.

In summer 2013, I rode Berlin-South Bulgaria-Berlin, attending to the California Superbike School.

During the years, I rented bikes in any places I could.

What makes me the right candidate

    • A representative personality, while mastering the ability of enjoying when alone, energy, communicative tendency, passion for riding, seeking adventures, availability in many aspects,
    • 35 years of vast experience,
    • More than 2 dozens of owned bikes – never owned the same model,
      • Estimate between 300,000-500,000 bikes km,
      • 5 continents,
      • 41 states in the US,
    • 0 Accidents
    • About a dozen riding courses
    • I create warm relations with ‘real people’ I meet, anywhere,
    • Have the ability – verbally, technically and the energy to share my experience.

This is me,
Want the job,
will sacrifice whatever it is necessary to land it.

You can reach me at:



Or by phone: +972-54-481-4472

c u soon,

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